What is SEO

Online marketing and especially the service SEO (search engine optimisation), web design or the creation of a professional homepage has become an integral part of the economy in Dresden. The business location of Dresden has grown continuously in recent years. More and more companies and tradesmen found an ideal business environment in Dresden. As a result, there are also one or two SEO agencies in Dresden that offer SEO support.

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99% of Dresden’s economy consists of medium-sized businesses. A good SEO agency has adapted to this circumstance, as optimised websites are part of business success.

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Table of contents

1 Search engine optimisation with experience
2 What is SEO?
3 Why is it important?
4 What is the process of SEO?
5 What does SEO cost?
6 How does optimisation work?
7 What is link building?
8 Who is an SEO expert?
9 How to find out who is an expert?
10 What does SEO of the future look like?
11 Free website analysis
12 Free SEO Consultation

Search engine optimisation with experience

Why it is important to have a top 10 ranking on Google probably does not need to be mentioned here. But not only the area of Local SEO is important, but also networking in the social networks, which offers fantastic opportunities for the entire online marketing of a company, especially at the regional level. As in other areas of online marketing, search engine optimisation is a matter of trust and requires some competence and experience. Whether as an SEO agency or as a freelancer, the work of an SEO is very responsible. Whether in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin or Munich, when looking for a suitable SEO agency, the saying “All that glitters is not gold” is usually a good guide to scrutinise the offers presented more closely. Customer reviews and ratings are usually good guides.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation refers to all measures that result in an increase in the so-called visibility of a website. Optimisation can be applied to different types of search, e.g. image search, video search, news search or thematic search engines and also Amazon.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a term that is subject to constant change due to the increasing use of the internet, especially mobile use. What needs to be done to improve the ranking of your website is usually determined by Google. There are many descriptions, checklists, guides on how to implement SEO strategies and publications on how to get more traffic to my website. Most of the lists use technical terms that the inexperienced reader cannot grasp. Some tips can also be considered “homeopathic” or have such a small effect that time and effort are often out of proportion. Theory and practice sometimes diverge widely.

In general, it can be said that search engine optimisation is divided into different areas and describes activities that serve to obtain the best possible access to one’s own website or shop. These areas are usually distributed among different employees in an SEO agency, while freelancers usually work in all areas. SEO is needed in all industries and areas. Mention should also be made of branding (brand awareness) and increasing reputation (the “reputation” of a person or company). Companies usually have a fixed annual budget for optimisation measures. SEO is a kind of investment that serves to “get out” more than you have “put in”, which is why comprehensive consultation is very important before starting.

Why is it important?

Everyone can easily understand this for themselves. Example: Right now I am looking for something specific or want to know something, “pull out” my mobile phone, type the search term into Google (or use voice input) and look at the first results. As a rule, I find a reference (link) to what I have just searched for on the first page of results. I now click on the display that seems most relevant to me and then come to a website where the answer is given. Maybe I will now buy something or make a direct phone call, that’s the ideal case. If you were now on results page 2, 3 or 4, you would probably be out of luck. But how do you get Google to show your website first for certain user queries? (Top Ranking) These are the questions to which a search engine optimiser (agency or freelancer in Dresden) has answers or solutions, as he has the ability to bring about precisely this state.

What is the process for SEO?

SEO Checklist


► Technical study
► Content
► Keywords


► Troubleshooting
► Onpage
► Offpage


► Control changes
► Top Rankings
► Keyword Control

Search engine optimisation or website optimisation is complex and requires a budget or a time and financial framework and what is very important >>> A GOAL. What do I want to achieve on Google? This should be defined exactly in order to measure and compare the Google ranking result.

What does SEO cost?

Of course, the service of a professional search engine optimisation is not free of charge. If I ask a car repair shop: “The car is broken, how expensive is the repair?” no one will be able to answer this question authoritatively. It is similar with the question “How expensive is SEO in Dresden?”. The costs are determined by the actual effort and the effort results from the initial website analysis, where weak points that are comprehensible for every customer are uncovered. Regionally, there are big differences. The costs for SEO in Munich are greater for SEO in Dresden. From our observation, there is less real full service in the SEO area in Dresden in the SEO agency area, but more in the freelancer area..

Many agencies in Dresden already charge for a website analysis. At “dd-communication SEO & Online Marketing Dresden” it is still free of charge and serves as a first basis for a cooperation..

How does optimisation work?

The activities in the SEO area are divided into different fields of activity.

Example onpage optimisation: Here it is a matter of bringing existing structures up to date so that the keywords do not slip further in the ranking (e.g. the topic Responsive – user-friendliness on mobile phones). We continue with relevant keywords, loading times and any existing double content that needs to be corrected (plus other measures).).

In order to determine how high the effort is, an analysis is usually made beforehand. For this purpose, professional SEO tools are used in an agency, which show the current status of the website exactly. The tools Sistrix and Xovi are mentioned here, but there are also many other possibilities for website analysis. (Ahrefs, Termlabs, Sistrix, Google-Trends, Google Search Console, Google-Analytics) If I now have clarity about what all needs to be done, I usually also know the time required. An SEO with many years of experience can estimate this effort better than a new agency. Only after the analysis is it possible to assign an amount to the time required and to submit a binding offer to the client..

In addition, there is an appropriate web design, which not only has a qualitative perception of your company as a task, but also a strategic menu navigation, e.g. a user guide through the website to the target, which could be “buy”, “order”, “newsletter”, “call” or perhaps just a catching on the Facebook page. The web design is based on the client’s ideas, the target group, the product or service and the experience of an SEO..

Getting internet users to a website is one thing, but monetising it, i.e. achieving a high conversion rate, is another. This conversion rate is a measurement of how many users who have visited my website have bought, ordered or otherwise interacted. There are also special strategies and tests for this, such as the AB test or the Uplift model, which then show the user signals in the analysis result. The result, which worked better, could then lead to a change in the web design or the presentation of services and products. However, this is a very specialised SEO area where there are not many good experts..

What is Linkbuilding?

SEO optimisation does not only take place on the website itself but also around it. This area includes all settings and optimisations in the social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Xing, Linkedin and others, but also backlinks from other websites, blogs or directories. Setting so-called backlinks to one’s own page or first finding the corresponding possibilities is called linkbuliding or link building. You can set a lot of backlinks to your own site, but that is not always good. When link building, it is important to find “clean” sources (free of spam and Google penalties) that have as high a domain rating as possible or are relevant to a high percentage of the topic. For example, if your target group is anglers, it will make little sense to create backlinks from a musician’s board, unless the board has a very high domain rating or high visibility. As a rule, you will find good links if you look at your competitors who already have a top 10 ranking on Google. Programs like Ahrefs are very helpful. Linkbulding is also subject to a strategy. This strategy depends on the target group you want to reach..

Who is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is someone who deals intensively and daily with the topic of “search engine optimisation”. He has acquired knowledge and experience over years, which is necessary for your website or shop to belong to the top rankings. As a rule, one is appointed as an expert by customers or by colleagues, very rarely do good SEO’s call themselves experts. Therefore, always look at the agency’s customer reviews.

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SEO Dresden in competition. There can only be one 1st place on Google.

How to find out who is an expert?

Note on the subject of spam

At the moment it is a bit quiet in the world of spammers but maybe you can remember that some time ago a lot of companies were contacted by mail. The content was “SEO experts will get you to No. 1 on Google for a one-off 150 euros” or something similar. Google itself is now taking action against dubious providers and has already sued the first provider). Tip: Please also avoid backlink purchases via Ebay or Fiverr and mass entries in spammy yellow pages..

What does SEO of the future look like?

Google regularly adjusts its search algorithms. The goal is to create the greatest possible relevance / semantics and to banish pages with useless content from Google’s representations. As you have just noticed, new words are now coming into play. One is called “relevance” and the other “semantics”. Search engine optimisation of the future will no longer focus on backlinks alone, but on relevant content that includes semantics about things that fit the topic exactly. This is the only way to reach top Google positions, to get more visitors and to generate more sales. The reader wants to be informed in a comprehensive and relevant way, and semantics is a structure that Google is already incorporating into rankings today. Since Google knows the user profiles in the social networks and understands the correlations and user behaviour, semantic correlations will be crucial to achieve good rankings..

However, SEO of the future must also adapt to all modern end devices, both technically and in terms of content. Future activities consist of constantly questioning, reviewing and, if necessary, adapting structures. In doing so, not only the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex are considered, but also Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Ebay and others. The need for professional (SEO) search engine optimisation, also in Dresden, will increase..

The search engines of the future understand contexts, know user profiles and will provide answers accordingly..

No matter what optimisation measures you implement, your competitors in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin and elsewhere will not sleep. That’s why permanent monitoring is necessary here, not only to have your own stuff on the screen, but also an overview of what your competitors are doing and what users are actually looking for. Online marketing competition will get tougher.

Free website analysis

I will gladly provide you with an initial consultation on your website free of charge. The website analysis consists of several pages and provides insights into the structure, technology and content of your website. Here you can make the first statements about what needs to be done in the SEO onpage and offpage area. You will also receive an evaluation of your current online marketing strategy or be shown possibilities of what an